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What to do when you find yourself disappearing…


What to Remember when you find yourself disappearing.

Remember the smell, 

or perhaps the smells, 

the crushed eucalyptus, 

the baking bread, 

your mother’s skin. 

The anchor of something you never had to prove or disprove. 

It just was.

Remember all the things that ‘just were,’

that just occur, 

the moon circles, 

the oceans tide,

the consistence of each meal adorning your kitchen table,

the relentless nature of belonging, here.

Remember the way we moved together,

our disjointed stumbles,

smiles and touch,

the life that grew out of persistence.

Sometimes tangled, 

sometimes breathless,

sometimes recoiled.

always present, always.

Remember to breathe. Slowly.

Remember the temple of your body,

each movement an unfolding prayer,

the pain, the panting, the passion, a peach in your throat.

You are so wholly yours,

an affirmation over and over of something sacred,

every sensation, a holy canticle.

Blood in mouth, sweat in eye, caught breath, 

can you feel how alive you are?

Remember, when you find yourself disappearing,

remember that you found yourself, disappearing, you found yourself,

you realised, and this is what makes all the difference.

Water-colour Wild One


I feel the sun on my back this morning
and it is always a coaxing,
a drawing me outside into the wilderness,
a drawing me inside, into the wilderness.

So I close my eyes in this light and I see,
The wild one, can you see her too? Inside.
I hear her calling and…
I am afraid.

I open my eyes and the wind
is dancing with the tree tops
and the air smells like cut-grass
And the birds are swooping,
the children playing,
the sun still warming
and slowly, so slowly, the fear leaves me.

I realise that the birds fly because they are meant to,
the wind blows for that is who she is
the sun can do nothing other.
And me? I am alive and I am full
and the earth knows my name
and the great creator tells me, “this is enough.”
and the wild one inside (who is the very same being) says,
“Create, for this is who you are meant to be, for this is who you are, for you can do nothing other.”

So today I paint her,
this watercolour Wild one.



Read by the author himself 🙂

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A good way to spend your time in Isolation!

“When a white, middle-class, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied man begins to question all of these cultural realities that he has been raised within, something is sure to give. The cultural fishbowl is sure to be cracked. Woven is such a story. The gradual awakening of a man to his gender, economic, and racial privilege. It is the story of growing up within contemporary evangelicalism, the dissatisfaction that began to arise, and the subsequent journey of self-discovery.

Woven is a story of dissatisfaction. A story of struggling and wrestling, and questioning. It is the story of self-confrontation and institutional-deconstruction and spiritual-reformation. Woven is a naming of the realities we would prefer not to name, the owning up to our own bigotry and entitlement. It is an audiobook that is sure to challenge both the conservative and the progressive, whilst also paving a way forward for all of us seeking to grow in our humanity and connectedness.”



Woven - A Faith for the Dissatisfied - Front cover FINAL.jpg

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This book is about Jesus. It is about my journey toward Jesus. Which may sound strange to some of you, but it is true. It is a journey of losing a Jesus that was too small and looked way too much like me, to a Jesus that began to mesmerise me. A Jesus calling me to something much grander and more holistic and more inclusive than I had thought possible. A Jesus who was drawing me into the true and into the beautiful.’


This is not a book of cookie-cut spirituality. It is not a book of answers, nor programmable spiritual growth. This book is a question. An invitation. A beckoning toward movement and a faith that can weather the storms of life.


When a white, middle-class, Christian, heterosexual, able-bodied man begins to question all of these cultural realities that he has been raised within, something is sure to give. The cultural fishbowl is sure to be cracked. WOVEN is such a story. The gradual awakening of a man to his gender, economic and racial privilege. It is the story of growing up within contemporary evangelicalism, the dissatisfaction that began to arise and the subsequent journey of self-discovery.


This is a book for those who have grown up religious and who fear that they cannot hear the still small whisper any longer.

Tanya Riches, Hillsong College.

This book is not for the faint-hearted. But then nothing worth doing is ever easy. You will be called, alongside Joel, to explore your own half-lies and restlessness.

Justin Duckworth, Anglican Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand.

To All the Superhero Kids…

I wrote two kids a poem, turns out it was for more than just them. This video was an HONOUR to be a part of. I cannot watch it yet without crying….

WASTE…a new video with TEAR Australia

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Special thanks to Jonathan Weir for bringing the video together.



Cause don’t we all need a CLEARING in our lives from which to CREATE out of??

So, after 10 years within the creative industries and working hard on many different creative projects. And after teaching the creative process to over 30 000 people during this time, I thought I finally needed to bring together all this learning into a space where others could engage. And so I have designed…


A writing and creative-process course to both enhance your writing/creative skills and do some intentional self-work. 

A chance for you to slow down and meet yourself again.

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The burnout and broken Creative
The one who doesn’t believe they even are creative..

25 lessons over 5 weeks
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You know those times when you have this picture of yourself, this image of who you are, and then something happens and your self-perception is totally flipped. Sometimes it is when you told yourself you were (insert negative thing), but now you realise you are way bigger than this thing. Sometimes though, it is when you have to face yourself. To allow yourself to see the murky tentacles of ego; to feel the pain of hurting people; to be small when you usually feel large; to confront the lie; to name the motivations; to realise your acts serve your own purposes- the desires for love, acceptance, affirmations; when achievements are just you trying not to feel worthless; when identity is so wrapped up in success, the desire to not be usueless; when you hold on for fear of being abandoned; when you realise your reasons are just excuses, your silence is more about self-doubt than whatever justification you have given it, your loudness is a weapon, your confidence a shield, your critique is projection, your pulpit a well-built wall, your servant-heart is nothing more than conflict avoidance; When all that you thought was light inside you, is now tainted by shadow. You now those times? I know those times.

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A School Story

This week was a school. Three days. The same 25 students the whole time. The first day is all about breaking through the macho year 10 coolness of the boys and trying to create enough safety that the girls will actually speak. It is the same almost every school I go into. Then it happens. The moment. The crack in the veneer.

A girl offers her story. The first time she was wolf-whistled. She was in year 7 and walked the one block home. A car pulls up and the boys whistle and yell at her. She tells the class she felt unsafe. Every one listens. Her bravery paves the way. The stories begin. Stories of feeling unsafe. A girl tells us of her fear. Another of her rage. A boy can barely be heard as he tells the class that when he arrived in Australia and he couldn’t speak the language he went to school and every single person rejected him there. They teased him. He told them in Farsi to ‘Get Lost’. They teased him more.

The stories poured from the students. The words then taken and crafted into poetry. Stories shaped into performance. These brave kids turned now into poets how they stepped up to that stage and gave themselves. And one who couldn’t, who was too petrified, who wanted to speak her poetry but just couldn’t get up. She let us read her words. A poem about a piano. And she sat in the middle of her year 10 class and she wept as we read the words. Her body trembling. The story falling onto safe ears. Every person in that classroom, Safe. Safe. Safe. They told me after they shall never forget what happened for them this week. And I realise that this is what creativity does, this is what poetry does, it takes the stories of being unsafe and it reverts them, it turns them on their head until from the very things that brought such unsafeness comes that which makes them safe again, brave again, whole again. I finish the week. I look to the sky and I am thankful.


📸 by @amyreichenbachphotography


The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality- Brand new PODCAST LAUNCHES today!

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Friends, this has been such an exciting project and I am SO very excited to bring it out into the world. I have been working really hard on this one with incredible American Film-Maker Joy Prouty. There are two episodes up already for you to listen to and then we will be releasing episodes fortnightly.

There is a space inside each of us, a dwelling place. The inner life that shapes how we live out our being in this world. It is a place filled with our passion and our frustration, our joy and our broken. It is a place of aching pain and delicious hope. It is the place from which both our creativity and our spirituality flows. It is a place we too often ignore.

That is what this Podcast is all about. It is more than just a conversation, it is an intentional choice to unveil the ache and the desire inside us each of us that we may create more true works to bring into this world and that we may live a more true life. Joy and Joy are just trying to figure out how to keep creating art and a life that makes a change in the world, that grows compassion and awareness and brings freedom to themselves and to those around.