Heidi’s goodbye reflections

by joelmckerrow


Our memories etch patterns in the space between us. Spiraling bridges over chasms between our minds.

Two nights before we left I (heidi) gathered with friends, and some strangers, within the walls of an orange studio where we chatted, danced till sufficiently sweaty, did our compulsory cool down to the exact same song that has cooled us down the past 3years, and went for drinks (yes homies, this blog is for you). I was struck by the depth of friendship that had developed through this ritual. How an experience, and the repetition of experience, gives people a common thread from which bonds and bridges are formed. I will miss this group of friends and the rituals we have developed and so I say this- 

When ever possible, make memories together. And when not together, let’s make memories anyway, bundle them up safely and unwrap them for each other that we might expand beyond ourselves. Let’s have half built bridges reaching out all around us, waiting in the middle as pleasant surprises for other half built bridges to stumble upon. They may not always line up plumb as arrows but we’ll find a away across.

Bags are packed and we head off in the morning on mission to collect memories and write home with stories. It’s easier to remember to collect memories while your away but maybe more significant are the memories you make at home with ‘your people’. 

Thanks people.