by joelmckerrow

It’s been a full couple of weeks in the homeland so far. We’re loving the history, landscape and kick ass pubs in this place. Some time was spent discovering London (lovely to stay with your family Laura and unpack our bags!), stumbling across pubs where Sherlock Holmes was written, siting in pubs where the inklings hung out, writing in pubs (that would be Joel), drinking Guinness (that would be Heidi)…yep pubs are a definite theme.

However, there have been other things, like castle tours, castle ruins, cathedrals and we mustn’t forget the fortresses from 100AD! We hired a car to explore some welsh countryside, stone henge and, after some detective work, found the unmarked grave of Heidi’s great great great great grandfather.

As our history lessons have been revised we’ve been struck again and again by the devastation of humanities lust of power and the sordid history of the institutional/political church. We’ll send another update on Ireland and Scotland but for now some writing by Heidi and a few snapshots.
The dew lies thick here.
It soaks through my boots, clinging to my soles.
I wonder aimlessly through the forgotten.
You are here – somewhere.
The dew knows you
It weighs the mattered grass down, closer to the earth.
It sinks through the rich dirt, to hold you in your rest.

People have been here, trekking paths through overgrowth.
Trying to etch the past on their hearts,
Trying to fight time, trying not to forget.

The elements have also been here.
Working slowly across the face of enscripted stone,
Working with its own mottled colors, working away man’s trivial markings.

I cannot find you here.
Maybe you do not want to be disturbed.