Good Bye Lindisfarne

by joelmckerrow

Tomorrow we say good bye to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, where we have bunkered down over December and January. Its been a wonderful time of stopping, unpacking, writing and sitting by the fire listening to the buffeting winds outside. We’ll be sad to go, leaving behind some wonderful new friends and a time of relative stability, but look forward to the next leg of our adventure.

The next two weeks involve four poetry events in Edinburgh, a visit to the west cost of Scotland (another sacred site for Celtic Christians, the island of Iona) and hopefully a number of trips to the movies. Wednesday two weeks from today we fly to Rome where we’ll slowly make our way north towards Slovenia to visit Joel’s sister and her family.

I’ll leave you with a poem Joel’s written while on the island (he’s been doing heaps of writing, exciting announcements of new stuff and tours coming soon!) and some shots of this beautiful place.


Dangerous Memory

When the world has come to an end. When the bread that I once ate sits stale and dry. When the wine is now gone and I cannot but sit in the midst.

I remember.

When I cannot raise these rain soaked eyelids. When vision blurs and the colors melt into stone. When the darkness is brighter than the light has ever been.

I remember.

When there is no way around. When the labyrinth has taken us too far from the centre When I sit here now scared and alone.

I remember.

When the creak in my back is only just the beginning. When no matter the way that I walk I always find my way back here. The wall before me. The mountain above me. The forest behind me. The cliffs aside me. When there is no way to turn and no path to follow.

It is then that I remember.