A New Years Blessing

by joelmckerrow

And so the New Year comes
and how she brings herself toward you,
outstretched and willing, beckoning. Give yourself to her.
She is trustworthy, as all new things are,
she is unspoilt, unstained, unbroken,
she has never once let you down,
she is waiting.

And though you will undoubtedly muddy her waters,
still,may you pour yourself out within them.
May you give yourself to the unfolding.
May you hold yourself up to the audacity of believing that things
can begin again,
no matter what has been, no matter who you fear you have become,
no matter the broken or the stained or the spoilt,
no matter what the past year has been,
may you find yourself
and learn to trust the person that you meet.

It is a new day, new year, the old has gone,
kiss her goodbye and do not make a new years resolution,
a list of things to improve on the outside.
There is a way that is larger.
It is called surrender.
The giving over of who you are now,
into the hands of the person you are becoming.
Listen, you will hear her out ahead, calling,
you should recognise her,
she looks like you, sounds like you, she is you.
Trust her. Trust the quiet voice. The beckoning.
You are becoming who they said you would never be.
You are becoming
and isn’t she beautiful;
You are becoming
and isn’t she worthwhile;
You are becoming
and doesn’t it feel like it should.

So may all that sits unsettled and undecided within you,
may all that weighs heavy upon you,
may all that grasps and all that grabs and all that demands,
may all the loud voices and the persistence of self-doubt,
may the fear and the frozen and the fractured and too-broken,
may it all,may it all, may it all
wash from your skin
and out into the night,
to never
be able
to hold you
down again.
It is a new day, new year, the old has gone,
kiss her goodbye.