To everything that lives…

by joelmckerrow

I say, “Grow little ones grow.
Set your mind to the task.
Give heed to that which germinates inside and
whisper to it night and day.
The flame needs the oxygen of breath,
so breathe slow and steady upon your burning.


I have heard it said that from little things the big things tend to grow,
so grow.
Grow tall.
Grow up.
Grow down.
Grow like wildflower.
Grow like weed.
Grow like oak tree.
However growth may find you, please let it, and do not stop.

Growing pains are only ever a sign of a good thing.
It is the way of all things living,
if we are not growing,
then somewhere back along the path we have died.
So grow inside.
A space that is large enough for the freedom of who you are becoming.
Surround yourself with those who arms are wide enough.

Let them hold your spaciousness.

I want to know you.
I want you to know
just how large you are,
and how lovely you are
and how every part of you belongs here.


So do not hold yourself back
out of the fear of intrusion
or rejection
or the awkward feeling of being seen.
Do not hold yourself back.

I wish none of us had to cover ourselves.
I wish I could be seen
like the flower is seen,
like the seal is seen,
like the mountain is seen.
In all their glory. Let us see you. In all your glory.

Place yourself in the world like an exhibitionist
that our eyes may life draw your presence.

I offer myself to you
like you offer yourself to me.
This giving freely.
Hold me.
I know you are large enough.
For who I am now and who I am becoming, hold me.

I need to know that I belong here, I need to grow here.
If you hold me, I promise,
I can hold you too.


All Photos by Candace Smith Photography.