and thus begins the new year…


On this day we cast aside the year that was
down into the depths
of all that we cannot change,
but wish sometimes that we could.

We cast aside a year that cut hard
and a year spent grieving
and a year spent cleaving from ourselves the unrealistic sentiment
of how we believe this all should have been.

We cast aside a year that blossomed
whether we could see her flowering
or perceive her giving.

It was a slap in the face year
and a pleading for change year
and a banging of heads upon a brick wall year.

It was the way the ice cold water of politics
doused the fire of our passion.
It was the way governments upheld cruelty.
It was the way citizens would vote absurdly.
It was the way that millions seeking safety were given the cold shoulder.
And how we all feel the freezing
but many much more so
than I.

It was the year that was
and the key word here is WAS
and what WAS cannot change
but what IS and what SHALL BE,
these things we hold onto
and we run toward
and we choose once again this year to name them
and we claim them
and we live them into being.

We look to the coming year with trepidation, yet always still with hope.
We look with incredulity, yet always with perseverance.
We look with the deep knowing of those who realise that they do not know much.
We look with a glint. The one in our eye.
The one that flares bright,
like the fire that burns
and shall not be put to ash. We shall not be put to ash.

We look and we look and we look again, for every time we do
we notice that which we had never noticed before.
And it is this curiosity,
this audacity which grows the fire inside us once more.

And if something is still growing inside us
then all of our fears
and all of our unbelief
and all that is thrown up against us
shall come to nothing
and turn to dust
and we shall make of this year the best that we can.

Happy New Year Friends and have a great 2017 regardless of what may come our way.
Joel McKerrow.