The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality- Brand new PODCAST LAUNCHES today!

with Joel Mckerrow & Joy Prouty

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Friends, this has been such an exciting project and I am SO very excited to bring it out into the world. I have been working really hard on this one with incredible American Film-Maker Joy Prouty. There are two episodes up already for you to listen to and then we will be releasing episodes fortnightly.

There is a space inside each of us, a dwelling place. The inner life that shapes how we live out our being in this world. It is a place filled with our passion and our frustration, our joy and our broken. It is a place of aching pain and delicious hope. It is the place from which both our creativity and our spirituality flows. It is a place we too often ignore.

That is what this Podcast is all about. It is more than just a conversation, it is an intentional choice to unveil the ache and the desire inside us each of us that we may create more true works to bring into this world and that we may live a more true life. Joy and Joy are just trying to figure out how to keep creating art and a life that makes a change in the world, that grows compassion and awareness and brings freedom to themselves and to those around.