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Month: April, 2012



Place. Its a heavy word. A little tile weighted with solid gold, holding you, grounding you.

This is my place, I know my place, I’ve found my place…most of the time.

 Moving to Melbourne seven years ago we fell in love with it immediately and it quickly grew to be our place. We love this city. In it we have found our own little spots, heading to the river out of town, sitting under the gum trees or into town for dumplings. Heidi has a particularly soft spot for the Arts Precinct, often pausing on Swanston St Bridge to soak in a sunny day or sparkly night lights while Joel will sit in the State Library for hours on end, writing poetry and gazing at the ceiling or sit in the courtyard of Abbotsford convent or on the banks of the Yarra. Joel seems to HAVE to find his place in every new space that we find ourselves. Always an outside place and an inside place. It keeps him sane. Place connects us with a sense of belonging that is for certain.

 As we prepare to leave this place of ours its hard to imagine that we may not come back. We’re excited about the new places waiting for our discovery, keen to observe the relationships between place and people and to find some new places and people of our own on the way. Its an exciting adventure to embark on. But we know that we will be back, sometime. So would you hold this place for us in the meantime.

Seeya around!!





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