Lessons being learnt…


Its been 3 months since we left what was then the sunny shores of Melbourne. Time is doing that strange thing where it flies by and crawls along all at once. There has been a few lessons that we are learning as we go, about what has been described as our quest for consolidation.

The lessons are pretty straight forward, at a glance, but it is something about the pressure cooker of making multiple decisions daily mixed in with a large dose of uncertainty that make you realise the importance of the simple things, not only when traveling, but also in life.

1. Be honest about your longing and give your all to what you choose. (Yep, I’m still reading John O’Donohue for those familiar with his thoughts on longing and belonging).

2. Carry a muesli bar everywhere you go (incase you don’t come home and go to a festival instead). Eat vegetables whenever you can.

3. As cliche as it may be you can’t go passed actually communicating with each other.  Does ‘Should we stop at the grocery store?’ really mean, ‘Do we plan on eating anything at home in the next three meals? Because we have no food.’

4. Be ready for anything. You never know when a day at the park will end with performing at the Montreal Comedy Festival (true story). Do yoga physically (to deal with those bus rides) and mentally.

5. Friends are everywhere, let them help you.


Other things Joel is learning

1. You don’t need to see all the sights in one day!

2. You don’t need a minimum of 3 books to leave the house!